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My recent work is at

The node99 site is not updated very often with new content. To see my more recent projects go to I can also be found on twitter @LeshyLabs.

Conway's Life with Color

I was trying out different methods of adding color to Conway's Life. The result may be viewed by clicking HERE.

WaveFile.js DTMF Keypad

This is a demonstration of using WaveFile.js from SFMaker to procedurally generate telephone sounds in JavaScript.


SFMaker: SoundFile Maker

SFMaker is a tool for generating sound effects reminiscent of those found in old video games.  It was written during the HTML5 Tools Jam from  The program takes a lot of inspiration from SFXR, but it is an original work and uses no code or algorithms for SFXR. Try the Live Demo.

Neural Network Visualization in JavaScript - Part 1

This is a quick experiment in using a canvas from JavaScript to visualize the weights between any two layers in a neural network. In this implementation we view the connections between the input and output layers so that training can be watched in real time.

Making Movies with Corel Painter

This is a quick attempt at trying out Corel Painter's ability to create movies. It was drawn with pastels in Painter, scored in Cubase, cleaned up in Audacity, and converted into an SWF (flash file) with ffmpeg

nLife Released

nLife, a semi-modular Javascript based implementation of Conway's Life is now available.

Building a Small Chip Amp with Distortion

I had seen a small "guitar amp" that fit in an Altoids tin and I decided I wanted to try to build one. What follows are some notes about that project.

Welcome to

After years of being a private site with no public content I decided to attempt to add something useful here. The site will be used to share any information and code that I have had lying around that may have utility to others.

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