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Run nLife Now!

nLife is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript.  This code had been sitting around for a long time, so I decided to make it available. It is recommended that Google Chrome be used for the best performance. Firefox also works, but other browsers such as Internet Explorer have not been tested. To discuss this project please go to the forums.


  • It is possible to draw in real time on the grid by holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor
  • Colors are customizable
  • The grid can be enabled or disabled
  • The stepping can be paused
  • A state can be stored and recalled repeatedly
  • The number of updates per second can easily be changed
  • The code is somewhat modular. The editor is written as a module.


  • Change the implementation to use a canvas instead of DIVs. This will greatly increase performance (NOTE: I actually have done this. It needs a few cleanups and to be packaged. It allows you to have a much smaller cell size and so much larger boards)
  • Change the editor to have a bottom menu bar instead of the current double-click for settings style
  • Allow for dynamic changes to the scaling
  • Support resizing the window
  • Add support for some type of life pattern file. I have a version that already does this, but I couldn't get permission from the creator of the patterns and many of them are too large to use without scaling, so I'm not going to distribute that yet.


Download version 0.5 of nLife here.



To view the copyright notice for nLife click here.